Gardening Today

Sustainable Gardening: Why it's booming? 8 in 10 Americans Have Grown Their Own Produce Over the Past Year* Since the beginning of last year, more Americans than ever are trying their hand at gardening. Whether it’s a new hobby, a way to cut back on food costs or reduce food waste, or simply an incentive... Continue Reading →

Recycled Plastics

The Redemption of the recycled: Loll Designs, a Molecule Store partner Making miracles out of milk jugs: Loll Designs By Caris Cruz There is a regular need for milk—a staple source of calcium—but for milk jugs, not so much. When the contents are exhausted, these plastic containers lie around, stacked together like bulky bricks, often... Continue Reading →


Definition: To invision a three dimensional expansion of a specific world, for a particular purpose. Adriana conceived a structure made from shipping containers to be used for her design store.   She set up BoxHaus to gather information and to take notes on the process of building with containers. The project was completed in 2010. Note: The US... Continue Reading →

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