Poetic Precision – New Conversations In Product Design, Trend Magazine, Thomas Lehn, June 2013

Introducing New Works by Three Innovative Designers,  Molecule Design, May 2013

Baca Railyard – The Soho of Santa Fe, Eco Source, Marc Choyt and Kimber Lopez, Winter/Spring 2013


New Topographies – An Evening at Molecule Design, Molecule Design, September 2012

Art & Design at Molecule, Molecule Design, April 2012


Gifts For The HomeHoliday Special, December 2011, Santa Fean, December 2011

Karim Rashid And Tom Dixon: The Poetics Of ProductDesign-Adobe Airstream, Ellen Berkovitch, Oct 2011

Retail Isn’t Meant To Be So Black And White, Trend-The Edge, Retail Minded, Julie Johnson Hillery 2011

Box Sofa-Available In New Mexico, Living-The Art Issue, June/July 2011, Santa Fean, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 2011

Straight With Chaser-Goings On-The Art Issue, Jun/July 2011, Santa Fean, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 2011

Architectural Convergences At The Baca Area, Paul Weideman, The Santa Fe New Mexican, 2011

The Finished Shipping Container Building, Alt. Build Blog, April 2011

Molecule-Sleek & Sassy, Chasing Santa Fe, March 2011


Commercial Market, Home Monthly Real Estate Magazine, Paul Weideman, November 7 2010

Prefab Rehab (Art of Space-Architecture) Pasatiempo, The Santa Fe New Mexican, Paul Weideman, September 2010

More On Shipping Container Building, Alt. Build Blog, August 2010

Shipping Container Buildings, Alt. Build Blog, May 2010

Caos: uma instalação, (In) Cultura, March 2010


Off The Rails (Art of Space-Architecture) Pasatiempo, The Santa Fe New Mexican, Paul Weideman, August 2009

Shipping Container Building In Santa Fe, Adobe Airstream, Conrad Skinner, Santa Fe, New Mexico, October 2009


Q + A-Adriana Siso-A Pioneer In Contemporary Design-Santa Fe, New Mexico, Zane Fischer, 2007


Pequeno Formato En La Alternativa-Venezuela Analitica-Actualidades, Caracas, Venezuela, Deciembre 2005


Santa Fe At The Threshold-Spirited Wanderings-Art Museum-Northern Michigan University, Catalogue, September 2001


Arte X-Diez-THE Magazine, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Diana Armitage, September 2000

A Capital Show-See It 10 Times Over-Arte X Diez-Santa Fe Reporter, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Carla Williams, September 2000

Capital Show Breaks Traditional Bounds-Arte X Diez Artists Revel In The Contemporary-Pasatiempo, The Santa Fe New Mexican, September 2000


Flash Art, Television Art Segment, Caracas, Venezuela, 1999

Unum Unica Res.- Materia Prima, catalogue, Axel Capriles, Analyst. Director of C. G. jung Foundation, Venezuela, Caracas, Venezuela 1999

Materia Prima, catalogue, Aline Chipman Brandauer, Writer, Historian and Curator of Contemporary Art at the Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe, New Mexico 1999


Seeking The Truth From Garden And Underworld-Memories Of The Tropics-Pasatiempo, The Santa Fe New Mexican, Kathleen McCloud, July 1997


Short Reviews-THE Magazine, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Richard Tobin, March 1996

Dynamic Duos, Artists Pick Their Partners, Pasatiempo. The Santa Fe New Mexican, Dottie Indyke, February 1996

Best Collaborative Effort By 35 Artists-Santa Fe Reporter, 1996


The 8th Annual Shrine Show-THE Magazine, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Richard Tobin, December 1995

Adriana Siso Witnesses To Man’s Isolation-Pasatiempo. The Santa Fe New Mexican, Dottie Indyke, November 1995

When The Artists Are The Owners-More Art Stuff-Santa Fe Reporter, Josh Kurtz, August 1995


Meet Lucho Soler And Adriana SisoBlack Mesa Ceramics-Open For Business, Santa Fe Reporter, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1994


Show Has Corporate Tone-Lively Arts, The Miami Herald, Miami Florida, Elisa Turner, September 1988


Iberoamerica Tiene Cita En USA, II Bienal De Arte Realizaran en Miami-Arte y Espectaculos-El Diario de Caracas, Caracas, Venezuela, Octubre 1987

Radio A Mother Could Love-The Miami Herald, Miami, Florida, Irene Latcher, December 1987-For Radio Artifacts, radio arts show, co-hosted with Howard Davis

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