“What interests me about the phenomenon of remembering that comes from reductive means or triggers is that the experience can be felt synergistically or through the emotions, rather than through the intellect. At a technical level, I really find pleasure when the materials speak clearly about their subtleties and possibilities.”

Unitarios, installation, sewn fabric, Santa Fe 2008.


“I’ve worked with many materials that have suggested pathways to ideas. I’ve derived much pleasure from the course a material can suggest. These have revealed the texture of sculptural objects and paintings, which have stood alone or have been part of installations.”

Santa Fe, New Mexico 2002


Definition:  All existence in a constant state of flux.

Objects: Bronze and iron patina


“The studio, the lab, the bureau of internal affairs!  A personal place it can be, a messy one, an impeccable one.  A space that must generate a particular magic.”

Santa Fe, New Mexico, studios 1996, 2000


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